arch enemy guitar lesson 2008 part1

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this is a guitar lesson of michael and christopher amott of arch enemy. the song is called “blood on your hands” from the album “rise of the tyrant”. enjoy !! if you are intrested, you can listen to the new song of my band on my chanel =)

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at 1:35. “You want to play it slow?” It’s still so damn fast!! lol

he’s using a pick of metal right?

No, but he just released a solo album which he does the vox for. Nothing like Arch Enemy but it’s pretty good imo

No but he just released his own album and he does the vox for it. Nothing like Arch Enemy, more all old school rock sort of stuff but still awesome

I really like their guitar tone. And i think they are great guitarists, how nice that they are giving a lesson

@favsncrap C standard

Michael has a really really deep voice; did he ever sing any leads instead of Angela or Jonah?

What tuning is it in.. any ideas? does it still sound workable in E as im too lazy at the time to reset up my trem

my flying sounds like shit¬°¬° :(

@SamTokioHotel they are SH-1n, SH-4, SFX-01 ones

@intermezzo696 its out for a year now bro. Zoom G1M is the pedal

What Amps are they using. Are they solid state amps or the tube ones??

What Amps are they using. Are they solid state amps or the tube ones??


Pre-Chorus sounds badass.

any one knows what are the pickups on Mikes Esp guitar ??

@noritsueco its gotta be Zoom ,,he have a signature with Zoom a pedal called Zoom 1X

@AndrewX66 It’s great to be in a band with your brother, you actually know how they play. It’s awesome to know your band-mate that well.

there’s a loud booming in the background while they talk… like a T-rex is walking around or some shit

6:10 chris couldn’t help himself, had to rip a little shred under mike talking haha.

does any1 kno wen mikes new zoom effects pedal is comin out?

Does any1 Know wen mike’s new zoom pedal is coming out?

@ginzuol no im pretty sure hes colored his hair red….

what pedal is using michael amott if some one knows please tell meeeeeeeee thanks XD

hes a ginger!

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