Antoine Dufour – These Moments – solo guitar

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@Dkibjs hitting the guitar.

@Dkibjs he’s hitting his guitar with is index finger

@EvanFingerstyle I was just going to tell him to actually watch and see that all notes are accounted for, but your response was much better. Thanks.

you are amazing man!

@vikwvu1 Ye of little faith…

@Younce89 keep your chin up my brother….theres more to life than what you thought…
ive been there…and I know how much good guitar music means to us…
andy mcgee and antoine have just as many problems as us…which is why…
they speak to our souls in that special way that only theu can do…chin up.

Guys, im pretty wasted right now. Life sucks right now, but this music really makes shit bearable. i love you antoine

@sirrrko I believe that’s called making whoopy.

@sirrrko I believe that’s called making whoopy.

@vikwvu1 0:07 – Middle finger taps E note on 3rd fret 6th string
0:08 – Ring finger taps B note on 10th fret 6th string after a harmonic slap -> pull-off, and slides down to A# moments later
0:10 – Index finger taps F# on 5th fret 6th string
0:11 – Middle finger taps G# on 7th fret 6th string
Repeats twice until the variation at 0:20, when he taps A natural, 8th fret 6th string and slides down to G# 1 fret below.
Those are the bass notes you hear. If you don’t get it now I am sorry for you ^^..

i cant tell if hes snapping his fingers or hitting his guitar during the song :l

Mad skillzz

@HateCrewHound .. there is definitely a second guitar in the background. Play it on good speaker and you’ll hear it.

@killergodmonster actually you need a fuck machine

0:28 So good.

why youtube only show my views -____- ..masterpiece

I have watched this video close to 500 times.. Maybe a bit of an exageration but the point is I love this song


Antoine could undoubtedly write a masterpiece on an ice-cream tub with elastic bands stretched over it, so it’s no wonder that he consistently composes fucking INCREDIBLE, out of this world music when he has a guitar in his hands.

@killergodmonster one of your condoms seemed to rip during the travel and had twins.

thumbs up if you can’t see the dislike bar !!

Did I just watch a man have sex with an instrument?

does this mean August Rush was based off a true story?

myself, i got a guitar with no strings, makes it so much easier when you get company and they say “hey man can you play something?” then you look over your solder and go like “Nope”

@A1i1988 i think it does but it probably doesn’t hurt as much seeing the fact that he has pretty sensitive pickups

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