Antoine Dufour – Scratch – Acoustic Guitar

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CD & Guitar TABS obtainable at Antoine Dufour Myspace
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@mattdcs15CORK So true!! XD

…i’m hard

@Jjejo1 Not true… They haven’t found equipment that can record him without dying…

A fire camp must be awesome with this guy! :)

This is a guy who loves what he does, and he is made to do it. You can see it in his face.

Damn, I have a BA on classical guitar and it took me 3 days to learn up to 1:10. Guy’s technique and double-thumbing is amazing

who are the clowns that dont like this?


@thomasm408 I’m still tryna get Micheal Micheal Micheal by Don Ross, can’t get the thumb slaps down at all, I have all the notes to speed but the little taps make so much of a difference its unreal, I can play Ebon coast though!!! xD looools, I wanna get Micheal x 3, then Rockbarra, and then Imma try get Drac and Friends and This :p They’re so dam challenging to play, to think that they actually wrote these songs is mind blowing!!! O_O

@RaiderA528M Yeah I found it, thanks! Man it’s a hard song but I’m getting it :s

You’re wrong !

@thomasm408 looks and sounds -CADGBE w/partial capo on the 3rd fret of the 1st through to the 5th strings : o

Ok :O for once theres actually a guy that beats Chuck Norris in something :)

Ok :O for once theres actually a guy that beats Chuck Norris in something :)

@Korcoe oh really? Enlighten me, how does one sell a soul?


I feel like i cant play guitar anymore. :( This guy is like the Chuck Norris of acoustic guitar. XP

he is making sweet love to that guitar!!!!!!!

is any one else getting an advert about the end of the world?

Wow. Just wow.

I’d sell MY soul to the devil if it meant the ability to play like this.

@twommie it’s probably to dampen the strings so the tapping rings out without other tones bleeding through.


Ahaaaa, he looks loads like Frankie Boyle :P


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