Animals As Leaders – On Impulse

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Tosin Abasi, lead guitarist for Animals As Leaders, teaches Animals As Leaders song “On Impulse.” In this short feature clip, Tosin demonstrates a portion of the intro and lead sections of the song. Visit to view the entire lesson and the rest of his artist series.
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who called him a cotton picker? what a cunt

“Of Animals as Leaders, teaches…”

Stop right there, I don’t think I would ever have the talent to play half the notes this guy is.

i think someone’s getting a new ibanez signature model

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this guy is stylist all around, music, clothes, instrument..

Holy hell, Tosin is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen. Goddamn…love the song wave of babies and CAFO…just amazing

good stuff, excellent guitarist

@jajones1952 you mean this shit??
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yeah its not that easy

he always dresses so damn nice..haha

how do you write such piece of shit????? (I mean I love and dig this but it seems so impossible to me to write such shit tho I’m a musician for 13 years proficient in classical music but jazz has always been missing to me)

Some times I feel like if your black you just can’t win. If Tosin were robbing banks and doing bad stuff he’s a ni– er. If he’s positive and is doing good stuff he’s a ni–er. So Tosin can’t win in the eyes of racists. It’s incredible there are those who came here strictly to complain about him being black! It’s one thing if you hate rap, it’s another if you are attacking for being BLACK and doing rock! Please be intellectually honest. He’s good. Really, Really good! Give the man his props!

can anyone message me tabs for this song???

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Also why are you assholes comparing this man to Jimi? If Jimi was alive he would blush and shed tears of joy at this man’s skill and admire him as the skilled technical musician he is. I doint understan some of you guys sometimes.

This dudes chord work is like advanced quantum physics.

And I find that very, very depressing. It’s all because everyone got their fill of guitarists in the 80s with the GLAM bands. Now all people care about is something “with a good beat and I can sing along to”

@mtllica1991 Many modern players would. It’s a shame that great modern guitarists like Tosin Abasi will never see the same recognition as “greats” with a fraction of their talent.

@jajones1952 you will be gone soon, know it was me :)

@alexkills Nope. he was overated somewhat…I play better than that skinny can’t break an egg coke freak..


I applaud you, good sir. Jimi Hendrix was great, but Tosin Abasi would rape his soul.

Okay, maybe you think Jimi Hendrix made better music (I disagree) or that he was more original (I disagree), but it is an absolute FACT that this guy is a more talented player than Jimi was. No arguments. Just fact.

He is the man! A true djentleman

@rrdrums1952 LOL the master troll on every drum video on youtube, trolling a guitarist’s video? Dude, I took a piss on Jeff Porcaro’s grave last night. Umad?

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