Andy McKee – “When She Cries”

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Andy McKee performs “When She Cries” from his album DREAMCATCHER. Check out another version of this video featuring a special commentary from Andy here: Pre-order Andy’s new album JOYLAND at: http

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this song definately need a top rated comment
………pure beauty………….

@ThatOneGuy1616 Um. No…LOL Fanned frets help keep the intonation correct with the low strings and the high strings. Also notice how the bridge is angled as well? that creates a longer scale length for the lower strings to keep the tension nice and tight since using thicker strings for lower tunings needs a good tension or else it gets to floppy.

@frontmanford They’re called Fanned Frets.. They’re supposed to help with chord shapes and longer stretches..

What kind of guitar is that? Somewhere around the 10th fret looks right…the others are all CRAZZZY! It’s really cool. I want one.

I love the rush of his music. its from the heart…

@stevelanemusic makes sense because of the different contact points in accordance to the distance between the saddle and where u are fretting. right? me dumb dumb

song puts me in such a good mood.. every song from you sends shivers down my spine and puts a smile on my face no matter how mad/sad/depressed.. thank you so much andy!

it is amazing!

I saw the man live and realized that I play the guitar and Andy McKee does something else, still trying to figure that one out. Second to none Andy!

so, the special girl i secretly love is gonna graduate… :’( ill give her a special piece of music…I’ve made my decision! i am gonna present her this piece!!! i just hope she likes it. :D

I know you probly see coments like this all the time, but I really can’t see the dislike bar lol

Great stuff. I wish more people would be able to just enjoy and appreciate without feeling the need to bitch or compare this to what they don’t like.

yea pop culture is a failure. as is american culture as a whole. the roots of art are being washed over by all of the fake fake shit we see today in all forms of media. it makes me ill really. but theres still hope. its evident here…

I would love to play this on guitar hero =)

I’m speechless… Amazing. Just got dozens of eargasms

wow…. i mean, just ……wow

He lost a LOTT of weight, like compared from his new and old vids

What an inspiration.

@Opawhale same I’m 15 and music isn’t as cool anymore

I’ve always enjoyed watching Andy’s Videos, and all of candy rat for the matter. Seeing that there are other people out there that can have such a great understanding for music warms the heart! Keep it up candy rat.

A real musician. Endless talent. moving. Spectaular to the senses…. mezmerizing to the soul… magnificent.

See here’s the thing I listen to Dubstep and I play the bass guitar so “folk” music is usually the last type of music id want to listen to….. right? Well this is just so amazing I could listen to it for hours. (and actually have been lol)

@dvalukis i know what you mean :P

@dvalukis Yeah what the fuck?!

Why on earth is this post so excited?

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