Andy McKee – Keys to the Hovercar – Guitar

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CD “Art of Motion” available at Keys to the Hovercar – Andy McKee Original Song

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No….this is magical

too fast I think. CD version is perfect

its irony that your username is 209slayer :D

@209slayer’s comment is somewhat redundant in the intellectual wasteland that is youtube. This is hardly a place to leave something insightful and beautiful.

McKee + John Butler and his 12 string = probably one of the best sounding eargasms ever

@209slayer Im 17 and I know exactly how you feel.


Maybe you don’t understand what “almost” means?

This is what hovercars in Heaven soundlike when they run btdubs.

He made that guitar his bitch.

@209slayer Not everyone learns as quickly as others do.. to some what is basic knowledge is to others a revelation of sorts.. and some will use it to flourish into a new persona, while others will store it in their brains for use only in certain situations.. like a reference.. Some will not at all grasp what you speak of, and some will die before ever the thought crossed their minds. Such is the way of life. Pity not the ignorant or the blind.. but in fact those.. whom to which Most is clear.

somebody should just give him a hover car

I was view # 1, 666, 666 :(

@209slayer there are still talented people in our generation just that most of them are idiots :(

@davigolfista Otherwise seek fame, but not with andy, Greetings!

dont watch…watch?v=mkHqxx2sJHY&feature=feedlik

@209slayer well put

this + rainymood-dot-com FTW amg :3

@PathologistReport yeah… i think he would crush you in a sec with his allmighty thumb XD

I should’ve never forgotten how to play this… I was in a better part of my life (Heart)

It looks like unbelieveble how he uses his right thumb o.o

@209slayer excuse me but im 17 and i dont listen to that shit they play on the radio. I listen to real music and music that has passion besides passion for drinking and sex. So dont say this whole generation is doomed. There are few of us that chose not to be doomed. I am one of them.

this honestly sounds like 2 guitarists atleast

81 people lost their keys.

I think Bruce Lee was reincarnated in Andy’s thumb.

the strings hammer themself

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