Andy McKee – Guitar – Heather’s Song –

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CD – Art of Motion – accessible at Andy McKee Tour Schedule

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after i heard this i went to go see my girlfriend named heather

I’m buying his CD to play at church before the service starts…just decided!

my fave i reckon

@dreademall Haha nice.


From low to high: A W E S U M

85 peoples doesn’t know what is a real beautiful song.. That song made me goin’ in the 9′th sky xD

@Marinis1337 i’m going to guess B standard because that’s a baritone but i’m not sure

@Andymoniumstudios +1

85 people need to comb their own beards!

What tuning is this guy using?


He makes me want to cut my fingers off.

yaprak sarmasi gibi parmaklarla helal olsun panpa..

i love this song!

Heather Jo

everytime i visti my cousiin this is the only song he plays he loves it and so do i

baritone guitar ftw

@liam4251 i haven’t looked at ur videos, always keep trying, screw what people think.

holy…. this guys is retarded good.

Heather Vandeven beautiful pornstar!!!!!!!!

i realy want to play music and creat it for a living, i made some videos, someone go watch them and tell me if i shud just quit or keep trying…thnx

@Twissemup1987 nice, lol

Heather is one lucky person. I Couldn’t make a song liike that to save my life let alone for someone else

85 persons who clicked dislike.. is jealous .. they can’t play that kind of music.. coz they are stupid.. lol they dont know what is art of music. .lol

@Twissemup1987 hahaha

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