Andy McKee – Everyone Desires to Rule The Planet (international version)

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Andy McKee performing “Everybody Desires to Rule The Planet” from his new album JOYLAND. Obtain Joyland at iTunes by clicking here:

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Say man.. you uploaded this on my birthday. Thanks!! Wicked good!

@irish66212, oh, that it explains it, haha, thanks

@coolwhip2035… ???? disorenting???? Are you talking about the “fanned” frets….The guitar is a Greenfield G4.2 the .2 denotes the fanned frets… They are that way because it improves intonation over the entire length of the neck, especially notes played above the 12th fret…..

@theAussieRogger No it fucking doesn’t you piece of shit.

@CNorrisBiggestFan fuck hes rude haha

@CNorrisBiggestFan you can translate it as ” fuck you, i’m the best out there! “

i want tabs more than anything else in this world.

has that pink floyd feel

joder!!!!! :-) Eres dios Andy, un jodido

This gentleman does not have a beard. His hair just decided to move down to his face in order to hear the guitar better.

anyone know what tuning this song is in?

This is what u call sexy music!

Why do you “not allow playback of this video on iPad”????

his guitar is a little disorienting

Gifted, Truly gifted. Good for you Andy.


This is awesome! Great sound and playing. With so much feeling!
- Merel

He is one of the best guitarrist I evern known!! He’s awesome!! You rock Andy!!!!!

@SharonGuitar500 Im with you on that one :) I recently played a dissertation for University and did a solo guitar performance, and would have loved to learn this arrangement but never got the chance :(

This is my favorite arrangement ever. I will learn it someday or I’ll die trying XD

Best Strumming combination that i have ever heard or seen :D Two Thumbs UP

anybody wanna tell me the tuning?

wow, this sounds incredible. Andy is the man! Great harmonics starting at 2:12, made the song for me :)

stupendous, what a performer.

Just…. Amazing. big fan, and thumbs way up

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