Andy McKee – Ebon Coast –

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CD “Gates of Gnomeria” available at

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168 people were sucking dick,and accidently? hit the dislike button with their forehead.

you havent seen paco de lucia then

if the end of the world really do come, you’re allowed to be on my ship …ohh bring your guitar, too

After I stopped trying to learn this song after the third note, and wanted to put my guitar away, I didn’t wanna get up and pause the song, so I held my guitar for the entire song. Twice.

Wow..the only thing I can say is tha Andy IS guitar. The closest human to his/her guitar i have ever seen. Well done man. And Thank you really. I had a bad day today untill now.

Sometimes I get upset because I don’t have certain things due to spending all of my money on guitar and drums. Then I come watch Andy mckee play guitar or watch cobus potgieter play drums. Then all of my focus goes to “how can I get this good.” haha. To be honest, I’d rather spend every cent I have on music and use the time I’d use on other stuff to practice until my hands bleed. Then practice more. Haha.

@010010ryan I meant, as in, there was supposed to be a note there but he missed plucking the strings. You can tell if you memorize the melody and then listen closely. Anyway it’s not really a big deal, this is a flawless performance otherwise, and I’m his biggest fan =D

hey guys, if you get the chance check out my cover! If enough people are interested, ill do a 3 part tutorial:


@dstvil18 the chuck norris of guitar

im counting the strings,..

@L0wps he missed a note…. in the recording of a song….. that he wrote………. thats like saying he wrote his own song wrong………….


he misses a note at 4:12.

AND IT’S HIS ONLY MISTAKE IN THE ENTIRE PIECE. This is a damn hard song to play.

I better go practice

he actually has lyrics..just listen closely between the notes..

@BvdLNL “fuck those drummers, I’ll just use my guitar.”

@BvdLNL hahaha yes, this is great.

“Fuck it, those bass players are too hard to find. I’ll do it myself”


@MyNewPerspective1 I’d rather say it’s gently holding you in its arms.

i need a beard too

What idiots gave this a thumb down. They should be shot.


that sound just punches you in the face…

This song makes me feel like playing StarCraft 2

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