Andy McKee – Dependant Arising –

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CD “Gates of Gnomeria” obtainable at Dependant Arising – Andy McKee Original Song
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I want to have sex with that guitar…

When he plays the percussive parts he sounds like he’s in a cave or something…or maybe he’s in his castle in the clouds.

what the heck is the blue dot on his guitar???

I wish I could buy the tabs somewhere :(

That blue dot following his guitar looks like a blue hue’d sniper dot sight. Someone’s making him play for his life, and their doing a good job of it.

@fasolplanetarium You must go and crawl into a hole until you cry.

This guy is a great guitarist and I love his work, but musical honesty forces me to say the rythme is quite approximative on the percussion parts with the fingers. I was even astonished, you still have to work Andy!

@Luudite the laser found its way to the guitar and hugged it when it heard the true awesomeness of this song!

@Luudite It seems to move as he tilts the guitar to hit different chords so I think it might be a light from the camera

looks like one of Andy’s friends bought a blue laser to mess with him during the shoot

everytime he strummed a string or tapped his guitar i would get goosebumbs on my back……………….everyone thought i was just cold

@jafuller24 You probably aught to buy that little man a guitar :-)

@fasolplanetarium Awful enough to have you searching for it.

This song is awful.

@ChaosInferno111 So where god Then? :P

these are all originals too? jeez…they just take me away to a descolent island.

@copslovesteven err… props*

@jafuller24 That is probably the single coolest thing I’ve heard in awhile.
Probs for the new generation.

@ColtonCM That’s probably only for embellishment.

@tinyo95 No not the capo, the part of the fret board that’s actually missing. How the fret board curves towards the body of the guitar.

@ColtonCM It’s called a partial capo, or 4 string capo. It affects the 4 top strings, and works exactly like a normal capo.

Chuck Norris: God him self sent me to the Earth.

Andy: I don’t remember sending you ://

@SpartanLaserCanon Except Lady Gaga.. That chick (or man) had to have sucked Satans cock to get where she (or he) is now.

Yeah but this is the kind he actualy enjoys ha ha!

@ChaosInferno111 I’m pretty sure GOD listens to all music and every band ever.

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