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CD “Gates of Gnomeria” available at All Laid Back and Stuff – Andy McKee Original Song
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All laid back? and stuff… with mah Blunt ;D

Learning this song right now 1/3 done AND IT’S? FUN AND SOOTHING

iv never heard? this song until now… yet it brings back good memorie

I’m sorry that I offended you. I didn’t mean that all death metal freaks are bad. I just meant the kind that refuse to acknowledge any? other type of music as skillful.

Let me just say if you like this video then you’ve got decent music tastes. But don’t troll me. I can’t control myself.

@G0xD13x1Nx4xH013 I quite enjoy Death? Metal, and I’m a huge Andy McKee fan. How does your generalisation work for me?

“Anyone who dislikes this is? a Death metal freak who cant understand real talent.” <— That’s a pretty harsh generalization.

@the727stpete727 and you are? Stop trolling and go? listen to your death metal shit. Go die in a hole you freak.

@G0xD13x1Nx4xH013 you’re? not cool

I was literally so addicted to his music that I learned? Drifting, Heather’s Song, Ebon Coast, and this. EBON coast and this are my favorites to play but drifting is the most unusual. Anyone who dislikes this is a Death metal freak who cant understand real talent.

Oh and all just by looking at his videos before tabs :D

@Paulcanplayguitar? 41 people like that 71 people are stressed out.

dude i didnt like acoustic until i heard this!!? awesome keep it coming!


@halofreak12321 i got a little bit of? it

@MrCaseybartlett good luck :) ?

started learning? it last night. this oughta be a fun experience.

best? ever

32nd Attempt and i? cant get it right…

@Mcstooger ah I see, its a little off-putting when? watching awesumeness :(

@TormentedUnicorn? vid camera

I want to listen to more of his songs but I feel? it would be disrespectful to click away before the video is over

anyone? notice that blue lazer on his guitar?

71 a@$holes who can suck it

i tink i might learn to play this? hen i get my jasmine

I hate the 71 fools?

Dude you? are amazing.

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