Andy James – Guitar Chord Progressions – Session 7 Licklibrary

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13 Andy James talks about changing chords and chord progressions. Andy James answers questions left over from the Andy James Webcast sent in by viewers of the webcast and Licklibrary members. The Andy James Web Cast can be viewed online here:
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U guys should learn how to harmonise a scale and experminent different progression, and try adding some 7 or 9 to flavour the chords

@montejano760 thats not an ec

if u were gonna hold a guitar, it should have been that sick ESP LTD EC1000 u guys use

Here’s a tip. Think of and write the lyrics to your song. Then see what chords make those lyrics shine.

If the song is instrumental then think of a melody and apply the same logic of adding chords to that melody that make it shine.
I know its kinda abstract but this is what helps me. Good luck

Hey Andy have you considered making videos showing and explainig Marco Sfogli’s style? and also John Petrucci? You’ve selected really amazing guitar players for your DVD’s indeed.
Personally, i admire your performace, you’re really talented, thanks for the vids!

Nice Playing!

dude i use major harmonization for chord progerssions, so i know each scale i need for each chord

nice :)


what a hint… i learned so much…

Or learn theory

you know


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