Amsterdam Acoustics – Erlend Øye : Mrs. Cold / Ask (The Smiths)

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25 – 12.10.09 – Erlend Øye Mrs. Cold – Camera/Postproduction: Jeroen van der Poel – Producer: Arttu Sesselaar – BoomOperator : Bram Kniest -

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The “thumbs down” button shouldn’t exist for this? video.

Can anyone clone? an Erlend Oye for me? Thanks.

he’s simply? smooth..

ur so so? amazing :’)

Erlend seems to know how to live a happy and? plent life

I? wish Erlend was my friend

I am a spanish street musician-traveller and I loved so much my visit to Amsterdam.? I played music in the street like Erlend, but not so good.

Respect Erlend (;

I wish? there were a longer version of the cover song.

Imagine how many people on that bus don’t even know who Erland is and? he’s right in front of their face, if only they knew…..

Wow, I love this guy! So awesome! ?


I’m pretty sure he is THE greatest person? ever.

Imagine.. A sunny sunday morning, mid-fall, with someone you love in bed..? this song welcomes a new great day full of beauty :D hrm.. No.. I’m not macho lol..

This is the stuff I’d go around? the subway forever for.. Great voice :)

The greatest video? of all time


whitest boy? alive <3

As he? should.

This is great, I love K0C and their music is great and this is guy? has a great voice.

I like this…it is? nice…

seven people missed their stop on? that metro

un talonero…
pero de la hight,
es fresón pero me late su rollo

que? bonita cancion

if ever you’re in Oz you should up with Justin? Heazelwood and do a duo on the 86 tram! Chk out Northcote, so hungover

good voice…great video…loved…tks?

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