Allman Brothers – Jessica – How to play on guitar – gibson les paul

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25 check out my awesome blues lessons here!!
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You sooooo kick ass Marty

Marty You Rock!!!! and more.

Thanks Marty….beautiful Les Paul in the video…..too

top gear

tonight on youtube, you teach me how to play this song, I wreck my fingers whilst trying to learn this song, and Finally, i learned this song!

everytime I bend up on 10th fret e-string, I’m afraid I’ll break the string…. happened before. xD

sore fingers,,, blisters,,, and blood!
but still going,,,
Thanks Marty m8,,, watched so many lessons i feel like I know you lol
but thank you so much for the help!
p.s have you seen my guitar hero? Mr.Lister from Red Dwarf!

You’re the man, Marty. Rock on!


1 idiot had to ruin marty’s 500th video



@marty sorry my response was twice i didnt mean to i forgot why it happened but yeah so again sorry
and i hope you do ramblin man like my accidental double comment suggested

@NUIVIBER5 i agree, that would be sick

shit i’m gonna need new strings

This is awesome, man.
Is there anything you CAN’T teach?

marty can you do a vid of ramblin man?

marty, while were on the allman brothers, could you try making a video of how to do ramblin man?

@martyzsongs Paisley or tye dye. Seriously though, love the lessons.

tonight on Top Gear…

On tonight’s programme; Hammond drives in a circle, James drives a buggy, and I drive a tad over the speed limit.

you cool man marty

you cool man marty

yay, maty in da house.

thanks, great lesson!!

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