Airplanes – BoB Ft. Hayley (Paramore) (Tyler Ward Acoustic Cover) – Music Video – Eminem – BoB

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Download this song on iTunes: Thank you EPPIC ( ) and Joel Burns (drummer), for helping me with this track! They did a WONDERFUL job! Make sure you check out EPPIC and sub to his channel: (we are recording together in June). This video was shot live, we did three takes and picked the best one. Joel is playing to a click track and we are groovin’ with him. After the third take, I went back and laid down some electric guitar, bass, keys and vocal harmonies. What a GREAT SONG! I really hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed creating it! CHORDS: capo 2 – Emadd9, Cadd9, G. For all of you drummers or engineering, I had a hard time getting the ghost notes to pick up on my system without making it sound awful..eff! Please, check out my original album and cover album on iTunes: Airplanes (Part I) (as originally performed by BOB featuring Hayley Williams) Written by: Alex Grant, Justin Franks, Bobby Simmons, Tim Sommer & Jeremy Dussolliet Published by Universal Music Publishing / WB Music Corp

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Eppic is the best!!!Respect!:)>-

Eppic is the beste. Respect!:)>-

click F13 ..
thumbs up if you look up for it ;)

i love how the drummer only needed a snare, hi hat and bass drum<3

Newcomer 2011? >>>>>? /watch?v=2hxSTNZjJTc

Thumb’s up for this dude !!!!!

wish right neho <<<< nice one
love your voice tyler <3

@XdaisyciaraX You’re telling me… because?

i want 69 likes,

New Version …Great

best airplane version ever!! <3

Thumbs up for Eppic!

So much better than the original! <3

Thumbs up for TYLERRR

@yellowcolourteam xD hes got a accent duh :P

a wish right nuuueehh xD;p

great coverr ^^

Alright shut up about how he says now.. Its called diction and brightness. It would change his tone if he said it different.

omg I love this cover :)

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Why everytime I come to see this video the top rated comment is about the “now” ?

i love this video <3 :) ))

gte a black to do the rap …..

@randombaggins the like bar wouldn’t be much better ;)

wsh rite naho

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars ,, i could really use a wish right ,naiho wish, right naiho, wish right naiho

I love the drummer :D

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