Africa (acoustic Toto cover) – Mike Masse and Jeff Hall

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Performed by Mike Massé and Jeff Hall on 7/17/10 at the Pie Pizzeria in South Jordan, Utah

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I can’t stop listening to this … awesome, and beautiful. If they were in my city, I’d be right there to hear them live. Wow.

6 people are probably deaf..

This was on my birthday last year!!! omg it woulda been the best birthday present to see this live.

@MorrisonEnterprise Exactly!

really good !!!

I loveee this sonnnnng and this makes me sooo proud of music !! I love this stuff more then life its self. that vocal harmonizing is incrediblee.. how is this not studio.. that fact that this can be equal to or better then a studio is incredible.. be proud, more then proud. This is Legendary!! will never be forgotten.

I literally shit my pants in the chorus. That range is incredible and the harmony was perfect.

6 persons are jealous or just don’t know what top music is!!! Great cover…i love it!!!

Good! The greath performance

This is just soooooo incredibly good.. I’m just amazed during the entire song. Perfection.

i tried so hard for the high parts…but….i cant go so high…so i didnt play this song cuz i dont want to go down….like it only original…you guys are realy realy amazing…very very good

You guys… there is only one word for it , FUCKING AMAZING, i´d say better then the original in my opinion!

quite possible the best cover i have ever seen. great!

Waouuchhh. I’m a french guy trying to play guitar and singing. Your Africa’s cover is just amazing. Two guys, one bass, one guitar and probably the best cover ever. No need of special effects, drums, rythm boxes etc… Just two voices and the energy to make them sound loudly. Congratulations. Don’t give up. Still make us have fun by listening to you.

sooo great i can’t stop playing it over and over

ARE YOU SERIOUS???….Glad I was the 1300 like!!! Simply amazing.

I wasn’t excited when the guitar started.. but then he opened his mouth.

hey guysm can you check out my mates band. Trying to get them recognition here in the uk. The are called ‘The Detours’ and their first official video is called ‘One Last Chance’. Cheers
John in Glasgow, Scotland

Hey guys… I’m a career musician, playing in an acoustic duet with guitar and percussion, 200 shows a year… and WOW, Mike those are some serious vocals – you have great range! Sweet harmonies, Jeff… and I’m a former bassist, so I appreciate your bottom end (do NOT take that the wrong way! lol)

W o w !

WOW…..I was not expecting to hear what I just did!! Very impressive guys!

U guys rock! Brillant vocals!

Best stuff I’ve seen on youtube in a long long time.


By far THE BEST one yet… I like YOUR VOICE even better than Toto.. SERIOUSLY … JUST BEAUTIFUL …

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