AdrenaLinn III Guitar Multi Effects Pedal – Basic Operation

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This video shows you the basic operation of the AdrenaLinn III Guitar Multi Effects Pedal’s front panel–selecting and playing presets and drumbeats, starting and stopping drumbeats, basic preset editing, etc.

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@WTFRawrtube 15 steps, and then a sheer drop…good call.

It would be nice to be able to bypass the amp models and just use the synced beats to avoid any unwanted coloration in tone when used in a pedalborad in front of a tube amp…….

1:13 Radiohead?

@hulkeysmash i can not let you do that dave

like to get one of these… are they still retail available?

Wow i didnt knew i wanted one of those before i saw it. Ireally dig it!
I got gas (gear aquisation syndrome) haha

Could this unit be use as a MIDI trigger for Guitar to a Synth Module?

Great sound! Check also the “AdrenaLinn III Introduction” video for a number of great presets.

Merci Roger. My RR swears by AdrenaLinn. I use an old AdrenaLinn II on my Keyboards. Magnifique. I also use it for creating Loops in Electronica.

“What are you doing Dave?”

make guitar sounds with a guitar!

bro where did u get it for $220 ? ? ?

400 for a new one

haha i got a mint condish used one for 220 haha

can it be used as a looper? I mean function like akai headrush or boss rc20xl/rc50, digitech jamman,.etc.
The beat synced bassline seems to be pretty similar with what a looper did.

hi, what is the price for adrenalinn III??

play just the guitar and not 1,zero all thats digital crap sounds like shit,,,

sounds like jeff goldblume

Is there a looper on this pedal? very nice!

I just got my AdrenaLinn III yesterday and went through only the first couple dozen presets. The tones are truly amazing though my Warmoth swamp ash guitar with Seymour Duncan pickups. The cleans are very Fender-esque and the overdrives reflect the specific characteristics of Marshalls and Mesa Boogies, etc. And I did not even get to the sequencer stuff! My PODxt Live was is a great product itself, but the POD is going to eBay to find a new home.

its an input for the guitar, 1 cable going into a computer (most likely), 1 cable through a speaker so he can hear, and then a power cable. dont worry about them.

Well, look at it this way, I saw a demo of the SL-20 and was intrigued. Then today I found out about this product. The SL-20 is basically a one trick pony. The AdrenaLinn III is amazing in that it is significantly more musical than just a fun, trance effect.


It’s sad that such innovation was ripped off by the Boss SL-20

1 Guitar input
2&3 Stereo output
4 power

I see 4 cables coming out of the device
what are all of these.
I think I might get one but am curious as to what all 4 cables could be doing.

You can disable the amp models and just use the processing if that’s what you want. I love the models, and use them exclusively. As far as what the cables are for, there are 1/4″ 2 stereo outs, MIDI in-MIDI out, 1/4″ input, AC adapter and headphones out.

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