Adele Someone like you cover Nate Pennington (roadrade324)

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Nate’s rendition of one of the hottest songs out there. Check it out!! Be sure to subscribe and comment!!
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@roadrade324 good? work on the cover dude. Our band is currently working on the next cover as well :D


@abhijay21 thanks….more to? come

the guy is huge but? we should the the guy some credit for great singing.

You sing this song with so many emotions,? it kinda makes me wanna tear up
But I know that men don’t so i decided to avoid crying

–Ps, I’m jealous of your muscles. You are amazing!:D:D

he? looks like my dad hahaha!!!

You have a wonderful voice and I soooo enjoyed listening to it….I listened it for 15 times…and planning to listen whole day? today…..!!!!!

dont get me wrong? u have alot of talent…but ur way to fucking big and scary to be singing all these bitch songs dude…..put some bass in ur voice!!!

You have a very unique voice, it was a pleasant surprise to hear coming from a guy with huge muscles and tatoos!lol very much in control, your voice, I had never heard a guy? sing this to date, did a beautiful job of it, will have to check out the rest of your tunes, cheers from B.C., Canada

@MusicCritic1973 i bet u a 100$ u cant say that in front of him. :P

damN!!! good!!! btw, those are? some beefy arms gawd damn. envy!


thts? not rite

Boring voice…..heard that? 1000 times

I? love your voice!

AGT waiting for you pal? :D

why there’s always kidpistols in every adele videos?

@roadrade324 cool! awesome job and? great voice!


I? think a whole lot of distortion on an electric guitar playing backing powerchords would accompany this song nicely.

@cooljason78 actually i just messed the focus up(nate moves around alot). It is focused on the pig in the background. The grainy look is because i didn’t put the camera on high quality. I have? figured it out now. Thanks for the tips. We have a proffesional helping us now so the videos should come out better.

In the video, your background is in focus while your body isn’t…that’s probably cuz you’re standing too close to the camera. Add to that, the room has low light…which would probably cause your camera to automatically increase ISO – higher the ISO, lower the image quality – gets? grainy.

So basically, if you stand couple feet back, and turn on the lights (you could use LED lamps) or film it during the day light with all windows open. That’ll create higher image quality and no blurring.

jeez? thats not what i expected… its amazing

You scare me shitless, but WOW what a voice, to class!! – to be honest if you were shit I’d never? tell you, but you were good tho mate!!


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