Across the Universe – The Beatles Guitar Cover –

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Awesome :D

cool song

Beatles sucks

Awesome !

The freaking strum pattern was killing me trying to figure it out. Thanks!

Nothing else needed. Perfect! Thank you.

i want to hold your hand


thats fuckin sick

Dude, just thank you.

you have no idea how much this has helped

slooooooowwwwww dowwwwwwwwwnnnnn D:


@marcosfarhat o thank you! will do(:

@TrunkMonk36 Check my websiter there ( using Iexplorer ) you will be able to slow motion.
See you

Shit, I need this same exact video but in like slow mo lol

Haha that’s sad. ppl like Nick don’t have enough humor in there lives. cranky Nick :p …anyways great video. taught me a lot on this song(:

amazing song. im trying to learn guitar and this video definitley helps me learn. amazing video.

you should make a tutorial for yesterday like this one! because the other one is great, but it doesn’t lnow the chords and stuff (: great video!

It was a joke … not a ha, ha joke … but a small, ‘sorry I said it’ joke. Enjoy PS: did Nick send you : )

because its john lennon singing XDD

You’re stupid.

@NickScala “Who even says that?” … I do, obviously. Apparently you have a very short attention span and comprehension problems. Yes, I’m “old” and wise. Now, two things:
1. let this excellent video rest and cease with your negative, verbal diarrhea … and
2. go home and get your shine box.

@vaiello, excuse me?? who do you think you are talking to me like that?? you sound like a real tough guy… and an old guy… who says “go home and get your shine box”… i mean who even says that?

Thanks for commenting Capt. Obvious…Maybe your New Year’s resolution should be to work on a sense of humor … Now go home and get your shine box! (you’re such a Nicholas)

@vaiello, i don’t that’s him singing, i think it actually is john lennon signing… you shouldn’t be commenting youtube videos if you don’t know what your talking about…

great tutorial though!

Great tutorial … I learned a lot. Thank you
PS: now I have to buy a second guitar to keep drop tuned.
PPS: your vocals sound exactly like John Lennon ; )

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