Acoustic intermediate advanced guitar lesson tap harmonics slapping strum fingerstyle

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25 Click thelink above to receive free exclusive videos, newsletters, and lots more free guitar and music goodies from Next Level Guitar. In this intermediate advanced acoustic lesson we teach how to do tap harmonics finger strumming rhythmic slapping and chord pull offs – rock oN! Many more full on video lessons as well as a FREE 3-day all access site pass at the full on video instructional website at:
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@rockongoodpeople its reallly awesome guitar i just have a pluto and m an intermediate guitarist…u guys rock…

I feel like this could have been cut down to a 2 minute lesson… 3 max.

would you care if me and my band wrote a song based off of your techniqes?

thank you

nice lessons , i’m learning a lot , love the 12 bar blues a lot , love to learn real slow blues , greetings from Belgium

congratulations for your good will to explain.
some just donĀ“t have the patience to do it.

dude i watch andy mckee and don ross. in about a month or so and im way better than this mother fucker.

As always quality videos! Cheers!

one question? the harmonics just work on metal strings on acustic guitar? I ask because i have nailon string and cant do it, but i try on my electric and dont work too… so i dont know if my!

hey! can u give us a lesson on ghost notes ?

thanks for lesson!

@YRockAG lol are you blind it tells you what kind of guitar in the video

the guitar I am using in this lesson is a Taylor GS5 – cedar top with tropical american mahogany back and sides – killer sounding guitar – rock on!
David T

@JoeSixString its actually a Taylor

nice.. thank you. I enjoy it very much :)

@JoeSixString it makes it easier to hear them, but if you have a decent guitar and hit it just right you could get a loud and perfect harmonic on any fret.

dude, what guitar is that? it sounds awesome!!!

I love his ‘poker face’ when he’s playing :D Very nice tutorials, thanks!

You’re a good Teacher :)

i love you man! Thanks!

i love you man! Thanks!

Possibly, it’s a Yamaha FG20s, perhaps the guitar has to be played through an acoustic amp to get the tap harmonics sound.

kipkay :D

it could be about your guitar.

I have been trying the tap harmonics but I can’t seem to get that sound.

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