Acoustic Hits Medley – Edgar Cruz

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Edgar Cruz performs a medley of acoustic rock hits at The Back Room in Great Bend, Kansas on October 9, 2007

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@uneedtherapy42 oh yeah lol

@TheFebruary30th Oldschool reference? LOL

you’re my boy blue!!

@barhack561 hahahaha

@michaelcassidymusic amm is brilliant but your coment is ok

can mexicans play any music that isnt this style?

@joetucma the most useful comment thnx m/

good,but he can play smoke on the water?!

good,but he can play smoke on the water?!

this guy is great!!!!! i love how he blends the medley seamlessly

this guy is great!!!!!

Close your eyes and enjoy the moment!!!!

Dude, I met this guy on a roadtrip to Oklahoma, it was a skateboarding project in OK City, he just happened to be playing in Leadership Hall in downtown, he was so cool and told us about some cool places in OKC to check out, and then he signed my board!:D

hes two (or maybe 3?) Guitarists, a bassist, 2 banjos, a drummer, and a singer rolled into one!

hes two (or maybe 3?) Guitarists, a bassist and a singer rolled into one!

this men is great wow

Practice, practice, practice, but there will never be another EDGAR CRUZ! You guitar players out there take note of this man’s ability. There is always something to be said for those who learn classical and finger style along the way. Most of the tunes that were played were influenced by classical.

What guitar does he play?
Is it by any chance a Tanglewood?


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your fingers can sing

!!!tihs gnikcuf yloH

25 people fell down the stairway to hell

Awesome! I wanna learn that.

paint it black to classical gas was fuckin seamless! Loved that shit

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