Acoustic Guitar Play Hotel California for Beginners

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get? a bloody capo its not hard its £2:50

finally I can playyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

btw can I get a sheet? of the song lyric together with the chords…so i can sing along?

@TheWretchedFate As same as with capo :D Capo is only making your first fret on? third fret… It’s not very compicated

how do I play? G without the capo?

@ryosvet? or shoe lases :D

@potheadcruz maybe thats why theres a Pencil and a rubber? band laying around?

i have a funny feeling that all the people saying ” fuck capos” and all that dont rlly know how to play guitar or think theres only one way to play a guitar if playing all bar chords is fun then do that but there is more than one way to do it and playing bar chords instead of using a capo makes u feel like the shit well good for u the title says for beginners and bar chords isnt easy for beginners but like i said most of the people that said something? prolly dont play so ur opinions dont matter

This video has helped? me to remember it’s possible for us all to play guitar!

can i use D D DU UDU instead of D D DU UDD??? is more easy for changing chords (especially for using F barred)


@Guitarplayer871 fuck that 5$ is a nick?

@fourfourninetythree? a capo is for the key: if singing in key of a d c b etc..

? now what i need is a little bit more Time…—its great and i think funny this Version.Thanks to you..i like it—but im not so good…but every day a little bit better–

@66chopperguy if u use a plastic pen it works better because it curves to thecurvature of? the guitar neck

@potheadcruz you said it brother….. fuck spending $5 on a capo when you could smoke 5 cones? and learn to play proper chords :D

anyone ever heard of a bar chord? omg? lmfao

lmfao tools you dont need a frigin capo, LEARN TO PLAY PROPERLY? FOOLS

@potheadcruz it’s like 5$ dude… It’s a fuckin tool for the guitar… Many songs use a capo on various frets…You can afford to be a pot head, but not buy a capo? hmm.. that’s interesting and sad at the? same time.

woo his voice?

Capo is $4.99 on ebay. Geez? people!!


It’s more interesting to practice chord changes to a familiar song and this one is so repetitious it makes a fun practice exercise for a beginner like? me. Thanks.

good job! you`re pretty good? at teaching:P

wow, i think its time for someone? to pull out the tampon

wat? heeft die vent vies lange vingers…

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