Acoustic Guitar Evaluation – Ovation Concept

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Acoustic Guitar Senior Editor Scott Nygaard reviews the Ovation Thought guitar. For the full review, please go to

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@guitarmanbadass They’re actually not so expensive.

one day,, one day ill have one

oh yeah make sure you have some rechargeable 9 v s it eats alot batteries

I bought a used one for $275 it had a minor scratch on it

Just got one of these today, its great!

How does the back feel? I’ve been afraid of this guitar because it looks very uncomfortable.

NO guitar stores i’ve been to in England sell ovation guitars anymore, not even guitar village which stocks over 1000 guitars, wtf is up with that? Why?

that`s a really good idea. i love ovation guitars. this one is not a beauty,but i think with this mp3 player it`s a cool thing to sit around and easy record your inspirations.

1 person who disliked this is an old fashon guitar hater.

I love this guitar!!!! IFIT WERE A WOMAN I’D MARRY HER!!!! anyway…. I am gonna save up for one :P

@cornflaked where at?

eurgh its laminated spruce tho not solid spruce top…. i dunno if i like that


you can pick one up for under $250 right now. There is also a black version for less than $300.


im getting this for christmas

man cant he play ANything else, daymm

well if anyone likes this and knows a Sam Ash, hold off ’til black Friday; it’s on sale for $169.

@stefan94nove google is your friend

how much does it cost? in euros please xD

@FredFrick16 They have it online on best buy.

Interesting unit. Like it for it’s comping capabilities.

why not put the mp3 from the demo that you did in a video so we can hear the quality. playing it through an amp doesn’t really help. put up an actual mp3 recorded by the guitar!

@samoz9999 im looking more at 2:26 lol

neck is NATO

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