302/365: Air Guitar Hero

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302/365: Air Guitar Hero

Image by DavidDMuir
As we wait for the chance to build the guitar with Bailey Guitars (part of the prize I won from Rock Radio) those nice people at Elixir Strings sent me a set of air guitar strings ("…with ultra thin AIROWEB coating in super light .000 – .000 gauge") and a free air guitar. This is me trying it out.

Trust me, I have never sounded better on guitar! These Elixir Strings people are clearly very good at what they do. :-)

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I think we are probably looking forward to seeing the real one more ;-)

Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

Do guitar heroes always perform in their socks? ;-)

Hello Gordon McKinlay

I must admit… we’re looking forward to getting started too. :-)

Hello goforchris

Socks? Oh my yes! Especially when it’s past their beddie-byes and they’ve already had their Ovaltine.

I must admit…this picture makes me giggle! I love it!


[discovered in the Wollongong Pictorial Mafia photophlow room] (?)

Heyloving the picture- I have just created an article about the air guitar world championships in Oulu Finland


Would it be possible for me to feature your picture on my festival article ?



As long as you stick to the terms of the Creative Commons licence – go for it. :-)

Hello DavidDMuir, I’m an admin for Keeping It Realer Than Ever Before, and we’d love to have this added to the group

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