3 Doors Down – Here Without You – How to Play the Intro – Guitar Lesson tutorial

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Thing-a-ma-jober? Real technical term.XD

great teaching , i just suck at the b minor bar chord picking lol lol

i’ve stopped my guitar private lessons, just because you are better than him :)
Best Teacher ever ! <3

free bird

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95% of teens these? days listen to the same?? crappy? pop songs? over and over. if? your one of the 5% left? who still listen? to real music, thunb? this up,? then copy and paste it? to? least 5 video’s. DONT LET THE? SPIRIT OF ROCK&ROL DIE

very good teacher…very well marty

I have learned a lot from your vids, you inspired me to start playing guitar from the beggining :D


Thank you MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@shanedlfc You’re tuning your guitar one half step down so the strings are flat. So instead of it being the standard EADGBE from low to high, its going to be Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb the “b” means that the string is flat.

noooesss v.v this doesnt help.. me at least

The Song Would Sound Better in Standard Tuning!!!

@RainOfTheVongola your probably not pressing down hardly enough with your fingers, or you may have them slightly a bit far forward, ideally you want them in the middle of the fret, not on the silver part.

What does tuned dwn a half step mean?

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thank you very much Marty, since the time i’d wish to play that song….
thaks a lot.

U r the best guitar teacher everrrrr!!!

When I play the sound… Buzzes. Anyone know why? Its very annoying..

Hey Marty.. This dis AJ from India.. Ur d best guitar tutor Iv com across.. In-ternet or In-person.. Ur d best man.. carry on d great work. Ur tutorial videos are amazing as well. Dont have the moolah to purchase ur cd’s man or would have loved to have it.

@nickyjupiter broken guitar or heavy strings?

:) I shall favorite this video and learn it later when I get new guitar strings

Dude. I Love You. HaHaHa
But Seriously, No Joke, You’re Like The Most Amazing Guitar Tutorial Maker On The Internet. Respect Dude, Respect(:

@Ratmuff123 it isnt that hard bro. just either-
play it 1 fret down from where he says
tune the guitar down 1 fret, play as he says

okey marty, im gonna take five if thats ok. Cause my fucking fingers hurt from pressing down the stings!!

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