2003 Faith Saturn electro-acoustic guitar

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2003 Faith Saturn electro-acoustic guitar
acoustic guitar

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In 2003 I was searching for a &quotproper&quot acoustic guitar, as my next step up from the Washburn D10 I’d played for ages. A Martin D28 or (drool) D35 becoming somewhat out of my cost bracket, I was about to select a Simon and Patrick, Seagull or Norman (i.e. a mid-range Canadian guitar) when I discovered the Faith brand. Made by a family members-run factory in Indonesia, I tried the Faith Saturn (their ‘dreadnought’ model) and was immediately smitten.

It records beautifully with a condenser mike in front of it, and despite the fact that I haven’t utilized the pre-amp output much (as I don’t play ‘live’ with it quite often), it is handy to have… and unlike any other electro-acoustic in its range that I’ve ever noticed, it has an XLR output.

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Yep – these guitars are really nice – distributed from Banres & Mullins in Oswestry I think!

Yes, I heard Faith is a Barnes & Mullins brand – they really had good fortune finding that factory in Indonesia! The only ‘downer’ is that the top is unvarnished – looks and sounds great as a result, but the top wood is really light, and it’s starting to show dirt, even though I try and take care of it.

Ah well – at least it shows I’m using the guitar, eh? :-)

If it is completely unfinished, it is easy to apply some tung-oil to stop moisture/dirt getting in. It is non-invasive, cheap and really works.

Make sure it is unfinished though!

Pretty guitar. I like the diamond inlays on the fretboard. I’ve got a Seagull, which just has dot inlays, but I like the non-standard headstock shape. Thought it looked weird at first, but it grew on me. And the important thing–I love the its tone. :)

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